With our partnership with Orcam we are able to offer the most advanced technology for our students with disabilites towards the advancement in their desired career paths.

OrCam MyEye

A tiny camera that attaches to an eye glass frame. Helps the user to read recognize loved ones and increase independence.


OrCam Read

Great choice for people with low vision reading difficulties including fatigue, dyslexia. Its lightweight handheld device reads text form any surface.

OrCam MyReader 2

The most advanced Artificial Intelligence device for the blind and visually impaired, cutting edge technology for the blind and visually impaired. Easy for the elderly and children to use. Able to read any printed or digital text.

OrCam BT Earphones

Allows for crystal clear conversations to be clear and private and is 100% compatible Bluetooth connection.

OrCam MyCharger

Wearable OrCam Power Bank. A power bank that allows you to charge your OrCam device on the go, able to hold four charges on a single charge.