We offer childcare services exclusively to our students

The ChildCare  Center is offered for children ages 2-9. The Center serves exclusively children of students, faculty, staff. Campus open year-round.

We are committed to being an School of choice. That means giving our students choices, such as great child care. Child care options have a positive impact on continuing education—and leading to success—earnings. Helping to meet the needs of parents enables the succeed of our students, retention, and productivity. Research shows that half of Americans struggle to find affordable, high-quality child care. That’s why your we are here for you.

Students at Ipply Education Services find comfort knowing their children are receiving nurturing care and quality education (for toddlers 2-4, plus a school-age for ages 5 to 8).  Our expertise and innovation in safety, technology, and education have made us the number 1 choice for students with children.

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