Distance Interactive Teaching

Teachers engaging with students to enhance learning and students seeking knowledge by asking questions. Students keeping up with their studies.

Integrated Together to Deliver

Wi-Fi for Distance Teaching

Schools and Districts provide Internet access to its student base

Rapidly deployed & expand school WI-FI coverage into neighborhood of students homes

Cover Up to 10 Acres with one Access Point per Location


Class Scheduling

Students are able to keep their routine of going to class per period room by using our Class ID keys

Teacher and students can maintain their regular schedule as normal.



Start of Day

Teachers take attendance while students are logging in.

Daily Assignments

Students can turn in assignments daily.

Teachers Teach in Color

Teachers write on boards with color pens.

Teacher and Student Interaction

Teachers can annotate right along side the students.

How can you act?

Students participate in all class activities.

Answer Questions in Real Time

Students can respond to questions during class time.

What have you learned?

Teachers ask check for understanding that students can respond to.


Interactive Whiteboard

Teacher can remotely share digital whiteboard for lecture

Easy to Use

Since stylus works as mouse, teacher can always share anything that is on computer screen, including interactive website

Integrate Lessons

Teacher can pre-build lectures in for online, and have students have their own lesson plan in PPT like setting, only to be interactive.

Share Screen Recording

Teacher can share a screen recording of lecture after lecture is over.

Quiz Mode

In quiz mode, teachers can have each students participate from their own screen interactively.

Teachers can write questions on the board and students can respond back in writing or typing in.

Students can interact with teachers through an interactive classroom. mark up Web pages, resize images, draw freehand in vibrant color together.

Students can respond to a variety of questions through typing or writing answers on the screen.

Lessons are shared with students with interactive whiteboards and computer screens.

Record, Flip, and Playback

Our recording software allows you to record your voice and screen to share your lesson with absent students to keep up with the class, give struggling students another chance to grasp difficult concepts or enable students to review a particular lesson before an exam. You can even record lessons for a Flipped Classroom model all within the same software.


Jump right into the subject matter: mark up Web pages, resize images, draw freehand in vibrant color. Bring your students to the board to explore a fun interactive workspace as big as 8ft by 5ft (2.7m x 1.5m).


No need for costly electronic whiteboards or new projectors. eBeam Edge+ makes your classroom interactive with your existing whiteboard, projector, and Mac or PC computer.


Simple in form, but not simple in design. eBeam Edge+ is the result of years of research, engineering and user testing. It’s user-friendly, quick and easy to install and lets you get started with interactivity within minutes of opening the box.

Lesson Creation and Delivery Center

With tools to incorporate multimedia, edit digital content, record lessons and share instruction; eBeam Scrapbook is your space to create and deliver interactive lessons.

Jumping in is Easy

Lesson Creation and Delivery Center

Bring in Content

Create lessons on the fly Add a snapshot of anything!

Connect your entire class

Scrapbook collaborate in interactive whiteboard

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