In August 2017, our parent company Ipply Global Companies, LLC. became frustrated with traditional hiring methods which include, hours reviewing resumes, interviewing hundreds of applicants, ineffective assessments of applicants, paying high cost using staffing agencies and job boards. We began to understand how these companies have taken advantage of employers by utilizing a flawed hiring method process and becoming middlemen to screen candidates. If the candidate does not match what we were looking for, the wait begins for another candidate. with a never ending cost.

Determined to never be forced to use traditional hiring methods again, we along with our global partners developed the most advanced, innovative employer-focused hiring methods on the market to end a never-ending cycle of frustration.  A hiring method that provides employers with highly skilled professional plug and ready workers, that also provides individuals an employer-focused academia, certification, and work experience employers seek to hire.

We at Ipply Education Services, (a division of Ipply Global Companies LLC.), understand and are heavily burdened by the disparity in the lives throughout our country. With 2 years of researching and developing partnerships with companies who embody this same vision. We have partnered and developed a program to bridge the gap and lessen the disparity in individuals. This allows individuals the ability to have access to the tools and technology needed to obtain successful careers. Individuals have the ability for access to tools and technology to obtain successful high paying careers. The result impacts the economy throughout every community across the country.

With this vision, we have proudly partnered with most innovative advanced global companies to develop the most advanced State & Federal Registered Apprenticeship programs on the market.