A new evolution to the hiring process between employers and potential applicants

The Virtual Hiring Talent Search

We eliminate traditional hiring process by revolutionizing the hiring process.

Today’s Traditional hiring methods hiring staffing companies, recruiters, and job search boards employers pay a significant amount of money towards a traditional hiring process that is an outdated broken system.

Image eliminating the guesswork of shuffling through hundreds of applicants resumes. We have revolutionized the hiring process between employers and potential job applicants, by tasking a human resource department, recruiter, and temp agency all in one.

This ultimately eliminates employers’ hassle of reviewing hundreds if not thousands of applicants who may not meet the required skill sets.

At Ipply Education Services, we eliminate the outdated traditional hiring process by taking away the unknowns and blind matchmaking staffing, recruiters, and job boards provide.

Virtual Hiring Talent Search

Eliminates todays outdated traditional hiring process

Resume Collection

Eliminate the traditional long process of reviewing resumes and misleading applicant information on resumes


Eliminate the traditional interviewing process.

Staffing Agencies & Recruiting Companies

Eliminate the high cost of match-making by eliminating this outdated traditional hiring process.

Job Post Promotion

Eliminate the need for the job posting

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