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Overcoming Income & Education Disparity

Education and job skills training are necessary to break the poverty cycle in communities. This can only happen when communities partner with a program that targets the root problem. Communities also benefit from the partnership by attracting big companies with high skilled workers. The result is more business and more money in the city coffers and a decrease in the income disparity gap.

Offering education and job skills programs provides more choices and opportunities for individuals within low-income communities to choose a different pathway to succeed vs. a pathway that leads towards crime. Better opportunities towards achieving financial independence will provide less dependence on government assistance. Cities will see economic gains by increased job talent within their communities, company migration, higher-paying jobs, increased home values, and less crime.

The Solution

The solution to the root problem is to blend digital learning with apprenticeship/internship to increase individual comprehension level. The experiential learning prepares individuals for their future employment with corporations. Experiential learning is from experience, otherwise known as hands-on learning.

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Transform communities by overcoming Income & Education Disparity