Ipply Education Services?

Online training offers a flexible, time-saving way to economically train and upskill your entire workforce. Our comprehensive catalog of online courses can align with your overall company goals.


*Branded content with your logo
*Easy to navigate and track employee progress
*Agile | Flexible | 24/7 Access (online)
*Volume pricing options to meet every budget
*Live student and partner support

What types of training do we offer?

Train for Localized Workforce Demand

Are you looking for a training course that matches a specialized skill set or regionally-specific workforce demand? Our Advanced Career Training courses align with a number of in-demand industries.
We currently offer courses for:
*Oil Refineries
*Chemical Plants
*Power/Natural Gas

Teach your team workplace Fundamentals

Are your employees looking for professional development or personal enrichment courses? Do you need a way to offer new-hire or skills training to your team?
Our shorter Fundamentals courses provide a flexible option for on-the-job training. With over 300 online courses to choose from, students can learn a new skill from anywhere.

Upskill Workers with Career Online High School

Are you interested in upskilling your current workforce? Career Online High School is an accredited program that enables students to earn their high school diplomas and gain real-world career skills.
Unlike traditional schools, our cutting-edge program was designed with the adult learner in mind.
Learn more about offering Career Online High School at ipply.academy.

Catalogs Tailored to your Organizational Needs

Are you interested in a training catalog that best fits your workforce needs? Our catalog can be customized — pick and choose which courses align with your desired training outcomes.
Please contact diana.mckee@ipply.academy to explore customized catalog options.

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