We want to help you drive enrollments in continuing education studies.

We help accredited 2- and 4-year institutions expand their course offerings adding certification programs, cut administration costs, and increase continuing education department revenues.

A few partner benefits include:

Dual Degree & Certification

Give your students to receive a degree and certification at no additional tuition cost. to reap the benefits sooner. That’s because our certification programs are employer-focused so that students can earn a dual graduate and certification – a valuable credential they can put to work immediately

Increased Profits

Profit from having our employer-focused curriculum at no addition cost for tuition to students.

Bypass development costs for creating and administering new course offerings

Have a catalog that is continually updated to reflect changes in the industry and access to our talent acquisition to employers across the globe for immediate hiring after graduation

Receive continued support for marketing your programs via digital, email, social media, etc.

Get regional account management, with support catered to your local and global demographics

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