Intensive English Essential is carefully developed as an alternative to replace read 180. Intensive Engish Essentials meets the needs of each student’s unique skill set and goals across all levels of language proficiency, from beginner to advanced. English Essential curriculum—both as an assistive technology for students with physical and learning disabilities and as a tool for preparing general education students for the workforce.

English Essentials provide detailed coverage of the core competencies students require to succeed. Concepts in reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, and math skills are covered from the basics to higher levels. An engaging, yet straightforward format encourages learners to continue improving their skills. All students experience success. Troublesome points are identified and broken down into understandable parts. Personalized explanations and tips are tailored to each student’s responses. Built-in tracking permits teachers and tutors to quickly discover individual areas of concern and to plan lessons in response to specific student needs

English Essential optimizes learning, reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, and math skills:

IES English Essential software helps address particular areas of concern of students helping students with learning disabilities—dyslexia, dysgraphia, working memory issues and other cognitive challenges—that interfere with their ability to read, write and spell. Ipply Education Services understands the importance of reading in a students’ success for curriculum and job skills. Ipply Education Service’s teaching methods put you, the student, in the center of the learning process. Through a contextualized curriculum and collaborative approach, you will develop comprehensive English language skills to prepare you for success in the classroom and the global marketplace.

Turn frustration into accomplishment                 Eliminate the barrier of typing

English Essentials Focus classes and language labs geared for:

– Elementary School
– Middle School
– High School
– College Prep
– Special Ed – Learning Disabilities
– Workplace
– Adult Literacy – GED Prep

Provide more detailed assessments

Provide more detailed feedback when assessing student work — from papers through research projects to tests — with unprecedented speed and ease, simply by speaking.

Help students realize their full potential


Students learn how to use supporting details to develop main ideas and the grammar necessary for accurate language production. Level-appropriate texts selected from high-interest topics expand students’ vocabulary and teach strategies for comprehensible reading. This prepares students to a successful understanding of core subject curriculum, which prepares students for college and employer-focused curriculum .


Students analyzing and alleviating communication problems and resolving conflicts effectively. Students research, plan, create and deliver informative and debate-style speeches and presentations using learned platform skills and guidelines for integrating multiple sources of information.