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A New Way of Hiring the Perfect Candidate

Ipply Academy works with you the employer in developing qualified highly skilled employees for your company. How can we do that for you? By responding to your needs for highly skilled employees.

We help you customize the training for new employees based your systems procedures and platforms.

Don't forget your current employees. We can up-skill their talents, prepare them for promotions. Also before you decide to fire someone let's retrain them.

Our career specialists will zero in on the expertise you need to expand your team from our network of permanent candidates.

Designed training and certification degree programs based on employer work processes.  Hands-on learning provides the work experience that employers seek

certification and experience required by employer

Here’s A Few Reasons Why:

We offer employers an innovative way to have a continuous pipeline of highly skilled, trained and certified professionals, Coupled with our carefully curated blended  employer-focused curriculum allowing employers to create professional development and retention programs for existing employees and utilize our new employer-focused apprenticeship hiring methods to fill continuous open positions.

Employer-Focused Hiring

We offer employers an innovative way to hire employees designed as a fit for their companies.

Employer work processes

Focused hands-on courses enable learners to practice specific scenarios and technical skills.

Employment Pipelines

A continuous pipeline of highly skilled professional workers for today and the future

Eliminate Hassles

Eliminates hours reviewing candidates' resumes and Guesswork


Our proprietary employee algorithms provide employers the knowledge of how a worker will truly perform in the workplace

Eliminates Cost

Eliminate the high costs of using staffing agencies, recruiting agencies, and job boards

No Risk

No liability to the employer for the first 480 hours of each hired apprentice.


Employers receive $5,000 and 50% of wages for 480 hours per student hired through our program.

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